Friday, August 5, 2011

Another article

Sol commented below on another article, here it is, with an active link:

Feeding Seattle's homeless: a decade of doing "good"
Posted by Nancy Leson

In 2001, John Platt and Paul Butler had an epiphany: They could help feed the homeless. As owners of St. Clouds bistro in Madrona, Platt (who knows his way around the kitchen) and Butler (whose contribution to the cause is a central spot in the dish-pit) remain committed to that goal. On Aug. 17, they'll celebrate the 10th anniversary of their "Homeless Cooking Project."

What began as a half-cocked effort to feed 125 residents of a nearby tent city has blossomed into a monthly community celebration providing a restaurant-quality meal to 450 people at seven shelters throughout Seattle.

On the third Wednesday of each month, a small army of volunteers descends on St. Clouds. Troops show up at 9 a.m. with paring knives and cutting boards, fresh produce and other staples. They're done by 1 p.m. Old hands know the drill. New recruits ask, "What should I do?" Platt -- a former high-school principal -- is the friendly taskmaster who provides the answer: "Good."
Rest of the article here....

Now that I'm back from travels, time to check on my friends who are homeless ....  Lynnda says tent city 3 is moving again....  They are closer to me than Nickelsville so I may visit them first.  She also said that the homeless in Seattle funding was cut by FEMA -  it affects SHARE and WHEEL...  A story on this on Nickelsville's FB:

Visiting Krakow this summer I noticed many homeless?/begging people on the streets - a truly sad sight...  I guess they are now free to beg...