Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nickelsville Back in my Neighborhood!

Same parking lot in U-District on the corner of 15th Ave and 45th Street as last year.  Stopped to chat on Monday - new people on duty at the gate, but they were able to tell me a bit about the people I met there last winter.  Nickelsville  is scheduled to be here till November 20th, and they don't know what will happen next and where will they go after that.  Still waiting for that 'permit to be here' document from the city.

Richard is still in the camp.  The gate guards went to look for him, but he was away - I visited around 3 pm, when most residents are still at work or on errands, doctors appointments, busses to and from places they go to.  But yes,  the hot soup in the evenings would be welcomed:  someone is already catering Friday-Sunday: fried chicken, lasagna and stuff.  Monday through Thursday is open, though.

My next stop was at the church nearby that let me use their kitchen last year.  Smiling Mary was still there, and 'yes, of course  you can come back; was thinking about you when saw the tent-city back'.  I was thinking about you, too, Mary, when I saw them:)  She said the evening manager will help me if I need anything Monday and Thursday - that would be Jorge, the old friend, who helped me to solve so many snugs last winter.  Maybe even Rosemary - the WonderKid  who came on Christmas 2009 to serve lasagna will resurface; who knows...

David over at 'Snappy Dragon' restaurant gave me a new soup bucket today: a- post-soy-sauce food grade sturdy bucket  with a handle, great for soup transport from church to the camp.  Have to tie the lid again to the bottom, so it stays, like forever. And doesn't get used for other things, just soup.  Got cups and spoons at 'cash & carry'. Cheap veggies and meat at the QFC sale. Will see  tomorrow what is there in Nickelsville, that could be used, too.

BLANKETS, FLASHLIGHTS, 30+ gallons GARBAGE BAGS - all needed in nickelsville right now, as always. Anything, that may help them to get through the night...

You don’t live in a world all your own. Your brothers are here, too.

~Albert Schweitzer

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  1. Aleks, my comment is - good that you are writing about it. But it is terrifying to think that after one year nothing changed. All the best to you in your work!