Thursday, November 25, 2010

New Place for Nickelsville

The last time I went to Nickelsville was Thursday, November 11th, right before the scheduled move on Sunday, November 14th.  The soup was what I call an 'emergency soup' and Daniel helped me again in the Lutheran Church kitchen.  I usually carry in my car a huge can (8 lbs) of sauerkraut (great Vitamin C source), for days Nickelsville has not much to offer in donation - potatoes, carrot and sauerkraut make a wonderfully filling and spicy winter soup, especially if enriched with sausage, as was my luck at that day.

The soup happened to be an addition to a full meal served by the volunteers from the 'Floors Association', if I understood correctly what the woman on the food line told me about who they were:  they had spaghetti,  some meat and noodles concoction and other great belly-filling stuff. Everybody in the camp seemed very happy about the great supper.

Jeremy, the food manager told me that they'll eat the soup as well, as they are not in the habit of refusing food; they are often short of it. He also told me that he cannot tell me where they are moving, as they do not want cameras and journalist face them in the new place... If I leave my name and telephone number he would notify me about Nickelsville new whereabouts.

Then a friend emailed me: 'Nickelsville -did you read?' About an article in Seattle Times:

Nickelsville's homeless pack up for move to North Seattle

Even as they packed up their belongings on Sunday and prepared for a Monday move, most of the 75 or so residents of Nickelsville did not know exactly where in North Seattle they were moving to, believed to be a swath of city-owned property with a building on-site for indoor access.  More here...

Oh, ok, they made it safely then...  A day later the same friend emailed: 'They are here now':

Nickelsville tent city moving to old Lake City fire station

Nickelsville relocated from the University District on Monday to a former Lake City fire station, owned by the city of Seattle. More here...

Snowy Thanksgiving came and went. I'm glad Nickelsville residents  have a roof over their head now. Last week was no fun around here:  watch this video...

new link from my friend, who watches Nickelsville developments:

Sodo site selected for homeless is found to be contaminated

The Sodo property selected for a homeless encampment is being placed on a state list of contaminated sites because of petroleum byproducts and a toxic cleaning solvent in the groundwater.  More here...


  1. Will you be going to their new place to cook one of your famous soups?

  2. yes, sister, i hope to cook soup, soon! thanks for a new link - about new problems in nickelsville:( truly hands and breasts are falling...