Thursday, February 10, 2011

West African Soup again

Joanna didn't get to take the post office exam yet - too many things happening all at once; she will try the March exam.  But Andy is about to start his trucking class very soon - likely next week.  Little LeeAnn is thriving and looks happy where she is.

Julie was helping me in the kitchen: super mellow and nice lady, who is a paralegal by profession, in Nickelsville since November. She said that she is embarrassed by her situation and being where she is in life right now... She  never planned it that way,  but made some poor relationship decisions and all backfired on her.  Richard was helping when Julie had to step away for her arbitrator's duties.

Soup was monday-west african peanut...  Run out of bouillon, and soup was under-salted as a result; fortunately Jeremy was passing by and quipped:  oh, we have bouillon and produced it from the cupboard  - he should ALWAYS visit kitchen when we cook:  seems that he is still the only one who knows what kitchen cabinets hold since he organized them when Nickelsville moved to the fire station...

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