Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nate the inventor & minestrone soup

Nate, the bookkeeper and inventor of green energy projects
I had my camera with me last time and after photographing Nickelsville's pets I asked if anybody feels like having their photo taken for the blog.  Nate didn't mind, so here he is, with a part of his prototype water-mill invention.  Nate is into green technology and is working on several projects which are focused on producing clean energy from renewable sources.  It was the end of my visit, so I have to wait to see the rest of his work, but I was struck how precisely his piece of mill was bent and cut - made of recycled soda cans, of course...  Nate is also Nickelsville's bookkeeper.

Mike just returned from VA hospital - he was admitted twice in the past week, so hopefully it'll be better from him  from now on - I saw him walking into the room and placing a kiss on his sitting at the table wife's head; she surely was happy to see him, as it was hard for her to visit downtown hospital and their only connection was via phone.

The soup was minestrone, of sorts - we used up a huge bag of kindly donated hand made, artisan, gourmet type of noodles - the ones that are widely cut and taste like freshly mama-made: soft and buttery.  They require good 20 minutes of cooking, so we started with that, while the chef for the day, Mike P., chopped the rest of the ingredients: onion, carrots, cabbage + parsley, then opened several cans of diced tomatoes and kidney beans that we found in the cupboard.   We seasoned the soup with chicken broth granules, italian seasoning (thyme, oregano, marjoram, rosemary) and added quite a bit of red pepper flakes for a kick.  We finished it with fresh chopped italian parsley and garlic - while Mike P. and I were in the kitchen, Richard was at the big table in the garage, doing his usual contribution of chopping a whole head of garlic  into a finely crushed pulp.  That was soup #1.

Soup #2 happened after I looked into the pot when several bowls of soup were already eaten: the pasta was furiously expanding and eating up the juice:(.  We were out of chicken granules and didn't want to just water down the soup;  fortunately I found in my car (don't ever ask what else is in my car 'just in case') 7 packets of organic shitake mushroom gravy, so we cooked that in in separate pot, a watery version version of the gravy and added to minestrone.  The evening folks had shitake/minestrone.

T.J. is allergic to mushrooms, so I was looking around to warn her not to eat it, but found out she left Nickelsville and went to Montana, where her boyfriend  is hoping to get a job; Falcon is in emai contact with her, so hopefully we will hear about their adventures in the big sky country.

and here are the pets:
Have to get the name of the kitty yet...

Have to get the name of the kitty


Newborn puppy, not named yet,
with her parents: Danny & Karen
Miss Priss & Little Bit

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