Monday, February 2, 2009

the end of winter in seattle

i started to cook soup for nickelsville, a tent city for the homeless in seattle, around october 2008. i wanted to learn about the lives of the people there, so i come twice a week and find a volunteer to help me cook.  we first check the donated goods for soup ingredients, then go to the nearby church to cook, put the hot soup into plastic food bucket and take it back to the camp. 

some of the things i learned surprised me quite a bit: many residents have a job they got to, at least part time; there are quite a few couples there, many married; two kids were living there before the december snow-storm (went to shelter since); the rules to stay there are pretty harsh to follow; there are several kitten/cat residents. today i saw a tent adorned with spring pansies - it made me pause.

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