Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Donna and Bruce

Donna and Bruce were helping to cook soup one evening and told me that  they are going to get married next week; she said she has a nice green dress to wear to her wedding. 

they got married at 4:30 pm on thursday january 15th, in the church that is presently hosting nickelsville on its parking lot on the corner of 15th and 45th. when i got to the camp that day at the usual 4:15 to gather the soup ingredients i passed at the gate a group of about 15 invited residents walking over to the church - everybody seemed to be in a very good mood.

after the ceremony the newlyweds returned to the camp to share the joy of the moment and the  wedding cakes (donated by well-wishers from the outside of the camp) with everyone present, but they spent the night not in the camp but in the motel - also donation from well-wishers.  two weeks later they went for a honeymoon weekend in vancouver, BC, another wedding gift to them.

a few days after the wedding i was passing their tent and heard Donna saying HI to me.  i stopped to greet her  and saw their  very neatly arranged tent - the mattress elevated on some crates to double as sitting arrangement,  nice colorful fabric cover  draped around it. it was obvious that Donna and Bruce put a lot of care into arranging their little home/nest.

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