Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thursday: 'What Child is this' or the pets of Nickelsville

2 days before Christmas: James and I cooked LAZANKI today: a Polish comfort stew of cabbage and sour kraut and tomato and sausage mixed with noodles.  James is a pro - graduate of culinary school and on-call cook at one of the Seattle restaurants (nobody goes eating out much nowadays), now waiting for Alaska fishing assignment - so with his expert help it turned out pretty good.

Before cooking I run around the fire station grounds to capture on my camera the pets of Nickelsville.  Most of them are rescue pets:  abandoned, left or uncared-for by previous owners, and now adopted and loved by Nickelsville residents.  Here they come, ENJOY:

Spike.  He was left to be dog-sited.  His owners never chimed in to claim  him.  Andrea and Jeremy are caring for him
Miss Priss

Pagee Via
Little Bit - male
Cat 'Onyx'
Tiger-kitty-cat "Blue'

Honey Bear

Sleeping 'Smokey'

And now, my favorite Christmas carol for you:


  1. I just read a shocking article from The Seattle Times:
    "Seattle Public Schools, with 1,139, has the second-highest number of homeless students in the state, second only to Tacoma Public Schools, which reported 1,197. Other Puget Sound-area districts with more than 300 homeless students are Everett (630), Highline (597), and Kent (331)."
    It is hard to comprehend!

  2. i'm glad you enjoyed the pet show, sister of hannah!:)

    yes, i know. this is from 'international business time US'; this is happening nationally:
    According to the mayors' conference, every city surveyed reported that requests for emergency food assistance increased by an average of 24 percent over the past year. Among those requesting emergency food service, 56 percent were families and 30 percent were employed.

    According to the survey, for families, unemployment was the leading cause of homelessness, while for individuals, it was the lack of affordable housing.

    Across the surveyed cities, an average of 27 percent of homeless persons needing assistance did not receive it because of a lack of resources, the mayors found.

  3. Aleks, thank you for the numbers. We all need to be aware of the extent of this problem.