Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lentil soup

Had only chance to stop once this week in Nickelsville and cook lentil soup with Glinda.  Glinda arrived a few days ago from Tent City 3 which is set outside, on the church parking lot; she said she really appreciates not being cold anymore and already made friends in Nickelsville.

The kitchen was unusually veggie-rich with donations the day we cooked, so after we started the soup with onion, carrots, celery and 2 pounds of dry lentils we chopped and added sweet potatoes, cabbage, turnip greens and red peppers.  On the end we seasoned it with dry chicken powder, curry, thyme and garam masala and garlic granules.  While I was washing cilantro for garnish Glinda asked what else needs to be done; I said 'maybe chop the lemons in half' and she gave me a funny, clearly startled look while saying somewhat worryingly: : 'can you repeat that?'  It turned out she heard it as 'chop the lentils in half'.  After a few laughs we finished the soup with fresh chopped cilantro and lemon juice.

Nickelsville definitely thrives in the new location - people are  milling around happy and polite, some sit at the tables playing games or reading papers with a cup of coffee.  The general atmosphere is that of a happy club and not a tent city - having a roof and access to kitchen is definitely a plus in this life!:)

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