Sunday, January 16, 2011

Thursday: West African Peanut Soup

Stopped on Thursday and met  adorable 4 year old LeeAnn, who arrived from California with her parents a couple of days ago. Mother said they drove all the way here looking for jobs, and someone downtown told them about Nickelsville, which is preferable to shelter because the family can stay together.  Mother found out about the post office job openings and will be pursuing required certificate to obtain it; father is doing temporary jobs looking for something more permanent.  Nickelodeans are very warm toward the child who seem to be adjusting well to suddenly having 90 family members.

The mayor McGinn's visit last Saturday is still talked about - how nice it was of him to visit with his his wife, one of his children a several city employees.  Several weeks ago I finally stumbled upon Nickelsville E-mail Alert Group and signed up (you can do it, too) and this is what I found in my email after thie visit:
[...] It was a great visit, the first ever from a Mayor!  He was gracious,thoughtful, attentive, funny, and he didn't even complain about the coffee.  Please thank him for treating us with such courtesy and respect.
As expressed to Mayor McGinn, one of our next goals here at Nickelsville is the development of prototype Small Simple Sturdy Sleeping Structures for our permanent site.  This generates a “Structure Wish List” of 8x4 ½ sheets of plywood, approximately 150 2x4's, 3/4” screws, rope and tarps. [...]

Indian fried bread
Richard is doing better with his cold;  he and I made peanut soup to complement the evening meal: Mike had a huge roast going in the oven and was prepping potatoes, while T.J. was about to start frying Lakota bread - she made it from scratch and we laughed she will be standing over the stove for two hours to process the entire batch of dough she made earlier.

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