Tuesday, January 11, 2011

No soup today, either. BEING CREATIVE time!

We here at Nickelsville,  appreciate the generosity and warmth of community members stopping by and wishing us well.  We certainly want to build a community here.
We appreciate being here and will do our best to be good citizens.  It is very nice that you welcome us with open arms.
Three donors stopped by in the last hour: I asked each donor if they want to be acknowledged, and every one of them said that thanking them in person is enough for them.
            - Paul, on guard duty Tuesday, January 11, 2011, Nickelsville

I stopped by to see how Richard is with his cold.  Much better, he said.  While at it I said that maybe the soup cooking is the thing of the past:  with 2 kitchens and roof over their head in the old  fire station and professional cooks galore, well maybe the soup meme could retire:  it's not the same when Nickelsville is NOT at the parking lot with no kitchen,  and the hot soup is the only comfort for many less industrious members. Nowadays Mike and Will, and other great cooks create wondrous dinners with pineapple slices over the baked beef.  um.  Who needs soup anymore?

Perhaps we should think about being more creative now?  Nickelsville contributing to the blog now, maybe? There is so much great, creative energy there:  Falcon making dream catchers, Mike giving me a tour of the creative members - poets and writers, Richard applauding the idea.  A talk about depression while being homeless, too.  NOBODY was born to be homeless one day. It just happens.

I think we spent merely 15 minutes talking about the new directions for Nickelsville,  waking up the creative gene, and I was almost at the door to leave, when Paul stopped me: 'Hey, I actually have something to say on the blog, and here it is'. LOOK ABOVE.

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