Friday, April 15, 2011

Check out music from Glen Still - Spoken Word

Glen did email me his poems, his photo and his bio - all below.  He also sent a link to his website which contains awesome songs for a free download (sample above).

"I infiltrated the homeless [part one]"

I got my orders in the spring of 2008
But before that date
I was going through every intel scenario
That you could throw down my throat

I stepped outside my porch
Looked up and down the block
Saw the U-Hauls drive off
Towards something desperate
Telling the kids in the backseat
To just hang on
Ma’ doing her best to convince the family
That it would be alright

Me, myself and I were preparing for a mission
I was a bit skeptical
About how it would all fold out
Knowing that I would love my dogs
Until they were gone
Knowing that they would never last
As far as I had to go

One got contagious to the China strain of poison
I watched her die everyday
Skinning out into bones
With me there
Nothing I could do to save her
I just bit my lip
Wanted Wal-Mart to fold into ashes
If I ever thought of planting a bomb
I did then
But I never did

She died on a stainless steel table
At a Veterinarian
That took her in without charge
Administered that sweet syringe
That took the last of her life
Before she left
She looked up at me and smiled
I said it then and I meant it
"I'll see you on other side"
And somehow - I know I will

The only other life that I knew as home
Died in my arms
On a dark dark road along a river
Somewhere south of the city lights
Of Ashville North Carolina
I was holding her leash
As the first car propelled her into the air
The tug at my hand
Told me instantly that she would be dead
When I covered the few footsteps
Just to get her into my lap

She died there
Me crying like I’ve never cried before

When she died
I knew then and there
I had infiltrated the homeless

Glen Still [The Seattle Sessions - 4.3.2011]

"What It’s like to be on Welfare"

First and foremost
I’m protected
Not like you
On the street
Trying to forget the way it use to be
I'm stable
With 100 plus billion dollars
Coming down the pipe
Into my coffer

I got a lobby
While you wait in the lobby at DHS
I just whisper and suggest
And what I want
Reveals itself
If I want land
I got a politician
That will reach out and grab it
Build a factory for me
No dues paid...
Just payoffs

If I want cheap labor
I got so much in foreign countries
Little girls and boys underage
Barely able to lift this capitalist bag
Upon their shoulders
But they never falter
‘cause I got the prime minister
And dictators in  just about every country
Paid off and delivered
Until they figure out
They could pull on the chain
But then I send in the Military
I can never allow that!

Like Noregia and Qaddafi
And all the others that have been like Blackwater
They storm troops
Into slave factories
A phone call from me

-Kill every mother fucker
That thinks about forming a labor union-

Need I say more?

(Wal-Mart - Your Fiend-ly Neighborhood Store
Neal Stephenson was right
Look into Corporate Sub-Division ruling over the world)

So baby,  this is corporate welfare
All the subsidies
All the rivers that were once clean
All the air that we can’t breathe
All the seas polluted
All the dying of nature
Everything I put my hand to
And i don't respect it
I'm a capitalist
A welfare client
A contingency
Under Cover

Because I’m a lazy fuck
And my goal is to make you want to work
For just about nothing
To lift that heavy load
While I demand that you pay
Into that 410K
That won’t mean shit when you need it
Because I’ve got politicians
That will allow me to fold it up
Just when you really thought
I’d pay you back
For that 20 or 30 years of indentured servitude

You serve the corporate welfare system like a
Stupid mother fucker
Like a sheep don’t keep up on the details
Like an uneducated imbecile
Like the slave that we expect you to be

Now here’s a lesson...

Never expect a handout
Unless of course you sit on a corporate board
Wear a $5000 suit
We ain’t like you

We're a class above you...

And we're always figuring out ways
For you to give us more
Of your fucking money!

Glen Still [The Seattle Sessions April 4, 2011]

Glen Still, who originally came out of the Southern California area, is a spoken word artist and poet in the true sense of the word.  His commitment to the arts has taken him around the country mesmerizing his readers with the clear and dead on observations of an artist at the top of his game.

Glen’s creativity is not exclusive to his own work; he is also one of
the original founders of 10K Poets Zine, a group of artists dedicated to spreading the word and sharing unique, eye opening views that annihilate the stagnate, tried and true visions the average person has become stymied under. In addition, Glen has blazed a new trail with such work as, “A True Liberator”, “I Have Found” and “She’s My Religion”. His body of work breaks through the boundaries too often seen in the world of writing.

When Glen Still is not writing or performing his own work, he uses his time motivating and supporting the typically struggling artist and creating venues and avenues that allow them to get their work out into an often difficult and brutal arena, making him not just a great artist, but a humanitarian as well in a world lacking humane traits.

For more on Glen Still, visit his website at: or add him on Facebook at

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