Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thursday: Chicken Rice Curry and Easter prep

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Easter egg painting - 4/21/11
When Lynnda and I got to Nickelsville last Thursday, the Easter preparation was in a full swing:  Joanna was leading a session of egg painting for kids and a man from the neighborhood was there too, to talk about Easter Sunday egg hunting and barbecue in the nearby park.  Later in the afternoon Monte from Tent City 3 came over with a woman who brought stuffed bunnies for the children - Nickelsville looked like any home full of youngsters preparing for a day of fun and sharing.

Mike P. making a fruit salad - 4/21/11
Lynnda  has been going an extra mile or 2 for her days in the camp lately:  her last Thursday's production involved not only Brooke's cupcakes (this time decorated thoughtfully decorated with Easter-colored jelly beans - THANKS AGAIN, BROOKE!), the curry/chicken soup/stew but also what looked like a result of a small fruit-stand robbery:  bags and bags of fruit she found on sale somewhere.  She had Mike P. devoted to chopping them all afternoon, before she sprinkled them with fresh lemon juice and mixed into delicious salad - the most popular food item on the menu that day, as everyone is obviously craving fresh fruits in this cold and rainy spring.
Paul with cabbage and cilantro - 4/21/11

The chicken curry soup/stew:  while Paul and Richard were dicing and slicing onions, carrots, garlic, cabbage, potatoes, turnips and cilantro Lynnda and I threw a 2lb bag of brown rice into a boiling water and let it cook for about 15-20  minutes before we started to add the other veggies; we also raided the freezer, which is now overstuffed, and must be emptied before the move on May 15th - we relieved it form a bag of frozen carrots and several bags of broccoli/cauliflower mixes.  When the stew was not far from ready we added a huge pot of chicken in curry sauce which Lynnda precooked at home.  On the end we decided it wasn't curried-out enough, so we threw in about 1/3 of a huge curry container content, some hot pepper flakes, lemon juice and of course what crowns nearly every of our kitchen soup inventions:  natural vitamins in the form of fresh garlic and 2 bunches of chopped cilantro + some green  parsley we found in the kitchen wanting to be used.  For the sake of accuracy I should add that for broth we used chicken and beef bouillon cubes + powder of several Knorr onion soups, but you can simply use salt.

Homeless in Seattle:  Here is a link to Seattle Community Network webpage on Homelessness: it contains various info and resources for the people who might find themselves homeless on the streets of Seattle - I should show it to Julie and ask her if perhaps we could review all those links (I found some of them broken and outdated) perhaps Nickelsville already has a better list?

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