Friday, April 29, 2011

Check out music from Glen Still - Spoken Word & Monday usual: peanut soup

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• Another song from Glenn Still for your listening and thinking pleasure above. 

• One thing about blogging:  noticed that unless the post is made close to the time it describes it's almost impossible to come up with anything but bland platitudes:  the fleeting impressions are gone and so are the observations made in that time.  Unfortunately, I waited too long to write about last Monday and now my head has something like this to say: came, cooked and left:(....  I know i talked to a few people about how did the Easter egg hunting/barbecue go, but can only report 'fine', as all the details left me, except that it wasn't raining....

I briefly talked to John of China, his going back home now moving from April to May - last week he missed his wife's birthday and was pretty dispirited about it.  Have you called her? 'The day didn't start in China yet, waiting for her to wake up'...  Jarvis is out of Nickelsville, and in Tent City3 now.   Mike was making sure that we have everything we need for cooking, and Richard went through the veg donation pile to see what could be salvaged.  That last task was somewhat depressing,  the produce is likely donated the day of or day after 'sell date';  some of the things are half rotten already and if you leave them for another day or two, the entire content of package is one smelly mess.  I once volunteered in the food bank doing the same sorting job every week and thinking that in a perfect world it would be the poor people getting wonderfully fresh and nutritious produce that they desperately need, and the rich and healthy would have the job of sorting out the leftovers to see what could go well with their caviar and shrimp.   

All I have is pictures of Monday chopping team - by now it is quite easy to find a whole group of people doing this communal task of making gigantic pot of soup.   I know I enjoy this time together, when we talk and laugh and chop.
4/25/11 - Tony, a.k.a. L.A, Richard, Terry and Patricia - soup prep
4/25/11 - Tony a.k.a. L.A.  and Richard
Tomorrow is butoh dance performance in Nickelsville!  Hopefully I'll be able to post some pics.

• An item I found in Seattle Times, published 4/25/11:

Seattle homeless man and dog live in rowboat
The Seattle Times

Under the concrete pillars of the Highway 520 bridge, anchored in a foot of water, William Kaphaem and his dog, Lulu, live in an aluminum 14-foot rowboat.

They seem to have found peace at the edge of the Arboretum.  Kaphaem has rigged the boat so it's covered by a 20-by-18-foot brown plastic tarp, with a few feet of headroom. It seems to blend in with the muddy bottom by the bridge posts of the Montlake Boulevard East exit.

You wouldn't even know there was somebody inside unless you yelled over the noise of the rumbling cars and trucks above, "Hey, Three Stars!"

Kaphaem, 51, says he has Mohawk ancestry and so he prefers to be called by that name, which reflects the outdoors.   Hearing your voice, Kaphaem - Three Stars - will lift up the tarp that serves as his cocoon.  "Actually, a lot of light gets through," he says.
The rest is here....

Check out the comments under the article, too -  I find them more interesting than the article itself: some positive, but some complaining about the writer's trespassing privacy of the man:
I do not believe you should have published this article. He was doing just fine without any help from you.  Now he has officialdom looking into his situation. The state will want to charge rent for him anchoring on state property. The Coast Guard wants ot know what he is doing with waste. That will be the end of that.

I certainly can identify with complainers, since this is the very issue I struggle with on this blog - how to write about the homeless people without bringing an attention they might not wish upon themselves: which details are ok to share and which are too private - thanks people of Nickelsville for teaching me some of that!

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